Welcome to a new world of Business Opportunity

Imagine using all the data from the cities in which your customer base live and work ...
... to help cut costs short term and plan optimal performance for the long term.

Then imagine the reality of URBAN HAWK.

We 3D map, collate, and apply street-level data to help you find new business and take care of existing client base.

We change data into business opportunity.

Let us show you HOW we can help YOU today to plan for TOMORROW

observe .. 3d map
collate .. apply

There is an ever growing demand for frequently updated URBAN spatial data to help businesses automate manual fieldwork and simplify workflows. We intend to satisfy the demand.

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With the help of CROWDSOURCED sensoring we build the STREET-LEVEL view of the urban landscape in TIME-LAPSE DENSE detail. We combine ground photos and video captures, drone footage, and satellite imagery into highly efficient spatial data structures, ready for use.

We locate YOUR relevant urban data in the ever growing big data sets collected world wide. We fuse with our data sets, COLLATE and then DISPLAY in 3D with time-lapse.

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YOU and YOUR planners/developers can then monitor and apply relevant urban statistics in revolutionary and accessible DETAIL.

We will help you turn threat to opportunity and the potential weakness to certain strength. The tools of data: on a large scale, applied to the needs of YOUR small to medium enterprise or corporate organisation.

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How does our Service help YOU?

Urban Hawk gives YOU control of YOUR business’ future.

Effective competition is the key to our very survival as brands in a increasingly mobile and digitised economy. This is particularly true, sadly, in what is at best a saturated and at worst an uncertain and volatile market and post Brexit economy.

But don’t panic. We hear your concerns. We’re here to help.

URBAN HAWK will help you to FLY over the threats and turn those into ASSETS; SOARING above your competitors.

WE do the heavy lifting of proactive research and data gathering:

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