We change spatial data into commercial intel

Imagine a world of data driven cities ...
... where daily operations run at peak efficiency with challenges addressed instantly

Then imagine the reality of Urban Hawk.

We 3D map, collate, and apply street-level data to help you reduce turnaround time and risk and cost. Our solutions unlock new ways for automation in real-time.

Let us show you how we can help you today to plan for tomorrow

observe .. 3d map
.. digitise
collate .. apply
.. automate

We digitise the environment in 3D.

Frequently updated urban digital twins to help businesses automate manual fieldwork and simplify and optimise workflows.

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With the help of 3d mapping we build the street-level replica (digital twin) of the urban landscape in time-lapse dense detail. We combine depth information extracted from ground photos and video captures, drone footage, and satellite imagery into highly efficient spatial data structures. Frequently updated.

We aim to maximise situational awareness.

We bring the different data sets together.

We locate your relevant urban data in the ever growing big data sets collected world wide. We fuse with our digital twins, collate and then display in 3d with time-lapse.

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Our efficient spatial data structures enable to run path finding, collision detection, and basically physics inside a digital twin. In real-time.

You and your developers can then monitor and apply relevant urban statistics in revolutionary and accessible detail.

You and your operators can profit from the arising automation opportunities through the range of our premium products we have been developing and providing on top. Guidance in mobility and multi-modal transport, real-time risk assessment and claim validation in insurance, artificial intelligence to foster data driven decision making in maritime operations and smart cities.

Observe, Map, Collate, Apply

We operate across market segments with focus on mobility. Our spatial technology is versatile and applicable in real-time scenarios.

How does our Data Service help you?

Urban Hawk gives you control of your business' future. Effective competition is the key to our very survival as brands in a increasingly mobile and digitised economy. This is particularly true, sadly, in what is at best a saturated and at worst an uncertain and volatile market and post Brexit economy.

But don't panic. We hear your concerns. We're here to help. Urban Hawk will help you to boost your efficiency, fly over the threats and turn those into assets; soaring above your competitors.

In practical terms: we convert your data to insight; we apply the insight in your operations and decision making which will make you more data and fact driven; as a result you will gain valuable commercial intel, significant boost in efficiency, and more room for automation (potential cost saving).

Case specific examples

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  • Increase your situational awareness, act quicker, understand dynamics, prevent recurring incidents. Smart cities.

  • Automate, turn your planning into data driven processes. Urban mobility and maritime.

  • Validate through trusted data! Insurance.

  • Reduce the use of manual surveying fieldwork when quantifying assets and their status.

  • Evaluate the accessibility and resilience of infrastructure.

  • Run more accurate deterioration models and build better predictive maintenance plans to reduce cost and replace more assets at the optimal point, before they fail.

  • Monitor competitor activity and performance.

  • Are you in the real-estate business? Understand properties and neighbourhoods in context.

  • Or just get a read out of changes that might impact your business.

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