Buying Travel Insurance: A Quick Guide to Single Trip Policies

When you are looking for a travel insurance policy for your trip abroad, you are likely to come across a range of options. One of the most common policy options is single trip insurance. Here is a quick guide to this type of policy so that you have a better idea of what you are purchasing the next time you choose a travel insurance policy for your trip overseas.

Single Trip Insurance: The Standard Policy

Single trip travel insurance is the most common type of policy available. This type of policy provides cover for one trip overseas, and the cover comes to an end when you return from the trip. If you are just going on vacation for a few weeks then this policy is often the most suitable to choose.

Typical Events Covered on a Single Trip Policy

It is important to remember that all travel insurance policies are different, and for this reason it is impossible to say exactly what is covered on a single trip policy. However, a few of the standard events that are covered on typical single trip policies include:

  • Cancellation of your trip due to accident or illness

  • Emergency medical treatment

  • Departure delay should your flight be delayed for any reason

  • Assistance should your tour provider cease to operate

  • Personal money and belongings should they be lost or stolen

  • Emergency repatriation in case you need to return home for medical treatment

  • Personal liability

Common Rules and Requirements

There are a number of common rules associated with single trip travel insurance policies, and it is important to be aware of them before you purchase your policy and travel abroad.

Most policies will state which countries you are permitted to travel to when you go overseas, which can range from one country to all the countries in the world. There are usually a maximum number of days that you are allowed to stay abroad, and the premium will usually reflect this by being more expensive the longer you stay overseas.

Many policies also come with maximum age limits for travelers. If you are 65 or over then you may well find that there is an upper age limit in place, but the limit could be even lower. It is therefore important to check these limits before you purchase a policy.

Single Trip Policy Extras

Single trip insurance is often used as the basic level of cover when you travel abroad. If you want to purchase additional cover then you may be able to add this onto your standard single trip policy.

For example, you may want to purchase winter sports cover if you intend to go skiing or snowboarding while on vacation, and in this case you may be able to purchase a single trip policy with a winter sports package included in return for a slightly more expensive premium.

Available for Individuals and Groups

Single trip travel insurance policies are often available for individuals and groups, depending on the provider that you use. If you are traveling as a family, you may want to purchase a group policy because it might prove to be better value.

Choose Your Travel Insurance Carefully

Hopefully you will now have a better idea about what to expect when you purchase a single trip travel insurance policy when you go overseas. It is important to remember that every travel insurance provider is slightly different, so always pay close attention to the policy details before you make a purchase to ensure that you are purchasing a suitable policy.