Multi-modal transport

Rapidly changing times with big shifts in urban transport trends

  • Recent changes in working patterns (home working) are redefining old-school daily commuting.

  • Car is still king nationally, but urban centres have seen a shift to public transport, walking, and cycling. City centres are transforming into places for people rather than places for vehicles.

  • Long distance buses are in decline.

  • Rail use is up thanks to its ability to get large numbers of people into booming urban centres, direct and quickly.

Journeys never end at stations = call for ever more connected transport systems.

However, the lack of intelligence on passengers' personal needs and requirements, as well as their travel patterns leaves much room for improvement on long distance journeys (with interchanges; first and last mile included).

Augmented reality guided journey planning and navigation, Britain 2023

Multimodal transportation and smart travel

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