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Augmented reality guided journey planning and navigation, Britain 2023

Urban Hawk will revolutionise multi-modal transport in Britain by 2023 using augmented reality trip planning and guidance. Smart and tailored using geospatial data.

Major transport infrastructure including railway stations and transit hubs are digitised in 10 cm spatial resolution in 3D using Lidar and a variety of depth cameras. The station regions' digital twins are created. The ultimate objective is to increase situational awareness and thereby improve multimodal travel for passengers. To smoothly integrate long-distance train and air travel, with an emphasis on existing and future micro mobility possibilities. Low-cost, high-quality travel with a high level of personalization.  Accessed through passenger smart phones, connected via 5G to the Polaron engine for centimetre accuracy interior guidance:

  • Never miss an exit;

  • As the train approaches the station stand on the platform where the door will be;

  • Routes adapted to one's requirements, let it be baggage or disability

  • Involve more active travel or CO2 reduction;

  • Plan for a cup of takeout coffee in time and route.

From comprehensive 3D walkthroughs to AR guided visualisations superimposed on smartphone camera images, 5G use reduces latencies to a minimum. Large bandwidth to let smartphone cameras feed back real-time station images keeping digital twins accurate. The data will reflect blocked entrances or faulty escalators as things break down or resume. So that advised routes are accurate and hassle-free.


Travel insurance with automated claim validation and instant pay out

Multi-modal insurance products are common in cargo transportation (door to door), but not yet common in passenger transport. In smart cities, where routes and travel modes are re-planned every minute, next to multi-modal ticketing, insurance well leaves a gap in the market.

Old insurance products cannot keep up: lack of real-time control over the cover. Switch on, put higher when needed, and switch off when it becomes irrelevant to the activity. Easier - preferably automatic - claim validation backed by quality trusted data, and instant pay out.

Future mobility can provide the necessary data, where Urban Hawk has robust technology already in action.

Up tp date spatial datasets + live transport data + planning & guidance = situational awareness = insurtech.

The many advantages over the old-school

  • Quicker claim validation with a more satisfactory process for the clients (fairer overall assessment with less arguments thanks to more data available).

  • Automation: less labour intensive and quicker processing. A big leap towards real-time insurance.

  • Better understanding of risk thanks to more data supporting each case.

  • Drop in the number of claims: due to better and personalised communication and guidance = more influence over the risk.

  • Extended cover to new scenarios, which couldn’t have been done without additional data to support the underwriting as well as the claim validation. For example missed connections (let it be pre-paid, land or air) due to earlier delays in the multi modal travel chain: currently outside of cover and difficult to validate.

  • More competitive products compared to old-school insurance, thanks to pay as you go and dynamic rates.

  • Applicability across travel, life, and liability insurance products.

  • Drop in fraud: Enhanced data quality with greater security over the transfer and the validity of the data.

Technology & Tools

Polaron World Engine

High-performance spatial data processing toolkit

Polaron copes with tera and peta byte scale spatial scenarios in real-time on GPU clusters.

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