About Us

Our specific focus is on spatial situational awareness and its real-time applications for end-user requirements, both short and longer term. We are a studio with private and public sector clients in Rail, Maritime, Smart Cities across Europe, from zero to post revenue, already recognised in the industry in 18 months.

Key Personnel Biographies

Robert Sugar

Robert Sugar


Visualisation expert, data scientist,
space entrepreneur, futurist
Smart Cities.



Robert is a trained Physicist and veteran of the gaming and data industries. His first UK venture was Crocotta R&D, founded in 2013 in Cambridge. Robert captained the company to success in a range of applied science contracts. Milestones included a revolutionary breakthrough for Pharmaceutical Microscopes and a visualisation initiative for the EDRS launch at the European Space Agency (ESA). Ongoing work with sister company, N-Ware, enabled consolidation of other core contracts in data management, notably with blue chip clients like BMW and Siemens.

Urban Hawk is the latest spin off from those foundations of success: fusing the variety of his team’s and his own collective scientific skills to a specific focus on spatial situation awareness and its commercial applications. From zero to post revenue, studio with private and public sector clients in Rail, Maritime, Smart Cities across Europe, already recognised in the industry in 18 months.

Operating from Bristol, Robert is an active assessor and panellist for InnovateUK. He is frequently called upon to examine the merits of new proposals that advance the course of UK innovation.

A father of three, Robert enjoys taking his family for walks so that the work / life balance is applied and he can keep fit! Active in his local community (recently appointed skills adviser for West of England and a frequent guest of the great and good at Westminster). He also enjoys reading, watching and even writing science fiction.

Erika Fucsok

Erika Fucsok



Erika is a trained economist and our in house expert on both macro and micro implications for a client’s business as they move forward with us. Her specialism is applying the ‘big’ ideas of corporate markets to small and medium enterprise models.

Erika will review every case and associated report, ensuring we communicate an accessible market vision. In her own words ‘The provision of data is just the beginning: it is the economic application of that tool which is the difference between success and failure in today’s changing marketplaces’.

A busy working mother with 3 girls at home, Erika enjoys baking cakes, dancing and aerobics as well as travel on the continent, schedule permitting.

James Murphy

James Murphy

Co-founder, Marketing


James is a consulting Director at Urban Hawk and was instrumental in the company’s transition from pilot initiative to fully fledged working operation. He is your probable first contact as we assess your needs and craft bespoke plans.

James began working at Crocotta Research and Development in 2014, brokering deals with the European Space Agency and securing membership of the Entrepreneurs for the Future (E4F) programme.

A graduate of New College, Oxford and the College (now University) of Law, James is a qualified Arbitrator and has taught and lectured in a number of sectors.

He has also advised top filmmakers on casting and thematic touches in scripts and his editorials at www.movieviral.com are well regarded by the industry. You might find James in his spare time on Park Runs and at British Military Fitness (BMF), sometimes raising money for charities (RNIB, Royal British Legion, Edwards’ Trust) along the way.